The aim of this course is to promote the development of Pediatric Neurosurgery through the education and training of residents and practicing neurosurgeons.

       The enduring success of the European Course in Pediatric Neurosurgery established many years ago by Maurice Choux, Concezio Di Rocco and Karl Hovind organized by the first time in a island closed to Marseille, France in 1986, has motivated the replication of similar courses in the Americas and the Asia–Pacific regions.  

   This project is strongly encouraged and endorsed by the World Federation of Neurological Surgeons (WFNS), European Society for Pediatric Neurosurgery (ESPN), Chapter of Pediatric Neurosurgery of FLANC, and the local pediatric institutions and leaders.

    Designed to cover the major fields in Pediatric Neurosurgery, the scientific program is divided into annual courses over a 3-year cycle, with each annual course is based on a four-day program divided in the morning sessions; lectures and case discussion and afternoon sessions; lectures, video session, “hands-on” and “solve a case”.

    During the course, a transfer of expertise between the teachers, regarded as leading experts in their scientific field, and the trainees is actively promoted and encouraged. The ambience of this course is informal and the number of trainees is thus limited in order to facilitate open discussion and the development of collegiate relationships. An official certificate of completion is awarded to those who have attended the full cycle of courses. The Latin American course will be held in March/April, the European in May/June and the Asian-Pacific in October/November.

    The first Latin American course was held in Florianopolis, Brazil in March, 2004 organized by Helio Machado and Ricardo de Oliveira. Following the resounding success of the first course, the second course moved to Puerto Iguazu, Argentina (2005) and Mangaratiba in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2006).     The second cycle was held in Natal, Brazil, 2007, Cordoba, in Argentina, 2007, and Campos do Jordão, Brazil, 2009.

    The third cycle started in Pirinópolis (2010), Brazil and this year was held in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (2011).

    Ultimately the aim is to have in each of the three regions (Europe, Latin-America, and Asia-Pacific) the same series of lectures and workshops, conducted in the same language (English), with the same organizational frame. In any one year the course held in each region will be asynchronous in cycle to that held in the other regions. This serves to optimize the homogeneity of the program worldwide and to enable the active participation of the medical companies in the workshop organization.

    Through the promotion of the course worldwide we hope to build a common spirit amongst neurosurgeons with pediatric neurosurgical interests, fostering the development of confidence, collaboration and progress.

Join us for a brighter future.


Latin American Pediatric Course

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